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So which do you prefer


Personally I own a camaro so that's my answer
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Hard to pick from that list. So many good cars lmao.
Have to pick a mustang though so sexy
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all are boring everyone owns a muscle car

get a rice rocket and put two ching chong turbos in it
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Would rather a 2 litre turbo
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5.0 mustang
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Modern Day I'd pick a mustang.

60-70s and I'd pick a Challenger
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I am a little biased since I own one, but Id get another mustang.
Dodge would be up next, not a fan of Camaros to be honest. Only thing I like is the choppy LS's
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I'd probably go with one of the newer Mustangs. They are SUCH good looking cars
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I like the looks of the Challengers better, and I don't really care too much about performance. My brothers 2013 V6 automatic Mustang has plenty of power for me lol. I will say I've rented a Camaro before and I hated the storage in it. The Mustangs aren't bad (my brothers anyway), and I have no experience with Challenger but like I said, I think they look the best.
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Camaro all the way especially if built right. But dam that dodge demon is growing on me tho.

Fix or repair daily is at the bottom of my list. Lol
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