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hello friends,

today I have achieved a goal ten years in the making, since July 17 of 2010 I have made it my goal to receive the Shoutbox Elite badge and that I have finally done. It was a long ten years and maybe this badge has only existed for not even a year but we made it.

Thank you to ghost from call of duty, and the members of the shoutbox

The Following 16 Users Say Thank You to Spencer For This Useful Post:

C4 (09-13-2020), Nagisa (08-31-2020), Xbox (08-30-2020), Stelter (08-21-2020), Jay (08-18-2020), -_-Cent-_-Jr-_- (08-12-2020), Doug (08-12-2020), Tom (08-12-2020), Jose (08-10-2020), CtrlAltDelete (08-10-2020), Adam (08-10-2020), Saki (08-10-2020), Federation (08-10-2020), Dah (08-10-2020), Tasty (08-10-2020), Milkwagons (08-10-2020)
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Good work son.

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Shut up
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Ohhhhh nice spam noob.

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Damn epic, congratulations man!
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grats on 75k I bought u this to celebrate
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Congrats on this achievement Spamcer, Smashed this achievement!
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Congrats thats a milestone and a half
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That's odd considering the badge has been out for a few months but congrats
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Too soon for ghost

Congrats for the new shiny badge tho!
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