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Hello All, I'm back and let me just tell you I'm also a lot older and actually have my own money and career now lol. I want to finally give back to this community that has done so much for me. I will be randomly selecting 2 people to gift gold too in 24 Hours.

Just post below a comment
As always Rep and Thanks aren't needed but they are appreciated!

The Following 10 Users Say Thank You to PCH For This Useful Post:

HighRoss (08-10-2020), Xbox (08-08-2020), BLVD (08-08-2020), Tasty (08-07-2020), Acetone (08-07-2020), Opus (08-07-2020), TWISTEDSUPPLY (08-07-2020), Putrid (08-07-2020), Jorah (08-07-2020), Ow3n (08-07-2020)
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Count me in baby cakes
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I'd like to enter this Thanks for the giveaway
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I'll gladly enter this.
Thanks for doing this for the community!
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Count me in, i could use gold again. Thanks
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Here's my comment
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I'll Enter, Why Not, Thanks Again For Doing This
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I'm here for gold
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I will enter! Thank you
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I'll enter because I drove the PCH to your avatar last month
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