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Where would you rather be from?

Honestly the whole Covid and WA Seattle being so high in price I'd rather be like from Tennessee.
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Defo the Sahara desert
Heard the virus isn't allowed around those parts
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Prob get a private island lol or somewhere where the virus doesnt exist
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Omicron Persei 8.
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I would love to be from America definitely but i'm quite happy living the life i am already living as i always think what if i was from america would i still have the parents or family that i have now but just american it would it all be different lol, I wouldn't want it to be any different.
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I wouldn't mind living somewhere in Europe, but I'm perfectly happy being Canadian
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Somewhere from Japan would be nice for me. They handled it all pretty well, and the general society isn't super terrible. Nice and respectful and most people actually think about others than themselves.
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On a big hill in the middle of the sea. With methods of transport (e.g. a zip wire, Helicopter etc.) Lmao
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Nothing has really changed in Oklahoma since everything reopened. So i'm fine where I'm at
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