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So I've been having a great time on the site since I've joined everybody's been an extreme help. Especially the ones in SB so I feel as if it's only right to gift some people who don't frequent the shout box.

To enter you must reply below.

Will choose a couple winners either tonight or tomorrow morning. Still deciding how many gifts I wanna drop.

The Following 11 Users Say Thank You to Aquec For This Useful Post:

Rodent_Modz (08-02-2020), Preferred (08-02-2020), TWISTEDSUPPLY (08-02-2020), BLVD (08-02-2020), Zesri (08-01-2020), Jose (08-01-2020), CalicoReidso (08-01-2020), Putrid (08-01-2020), TastyCereal (08-01-2020), CtrlAltDelete (07-31-2020), Xbox (07-31-2020)
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Aye free gold thanks big man!
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Count me in and holy shit man 350 rep I must of missed out on the fun.

See you in the sb.

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I will enter! Thanks so much, man!
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I'll definitely enter this, thanks for hosting it for the community!
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I'll enter, but if I win.... please give it to a non-gold member

Thanks for your generosity and giving back to the community
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Count me in, if I win, please give the gold to a non-gold member or a member who does not have the Summer 2020 badge yet.
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Count me in
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Shoot, lemme get some some.
Good luck everyone.

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I'd like to enter this giveaway!
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