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I've started using keyboard and mouse recently after being a console player since I was 8! It subsequently got me into video editing too, so i combined the two and made this!

While there give us a cheeky sub if you liked it
thank you
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So in my opinion I mean the clips are decent but they seem fairly average lot of them are really just kills? I don't feel like I'm being harsh.

The video is definitely of a lower quality, quick cuts, I don't feel there's any fx present or filters anything to make it look nicer, and really as I stated first the cuts need to be idk smoother and played out better, it's hard to follow through I mean it looks like you're getting a ton of kills but they aren't major clips they're simply just a whole bunch of singular kills cut back to back.

As for like aiming and if you're looking on feedback for 'skill' I mean once again they're singular kills so it's hard to tell how skillful you are I mean you could've gone 3-18 and I wouldn't know because I don't get to see any play style other than point click.

Hopefully you don't take my criticism the wrong way I truly just am giving the feedback asked for.
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Clips seem pretty basic, but they will only get better as you get better don't give up man! Keep us updated on ur progress
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Honestly it's a lot to take in with a TON of motion. I can't really comment on the gameplay as I couldn't get too far in. Try to practice editing and bit more, and keep going!
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