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People make these lists all the time but I'm wondering if much has changed since we last did this.

What 3 games from any platform / any year do you think people have to play at least once give a good reason as to why.

I will list the top recommended games below:

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In my opinion, if you are on PC you need to try counter strike at least once. thats all it took for me to be hooked.

Platform : PC
Game Title : Counter Strike ( Either Source or Global )
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My personal overall top three games of all time based on enjoyment and quality would have to be;

Fallout: New Vegas - Fantastic story, characters and world.
The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt - Overall amazing story, gameplay & graphics.
Red Dead Redemption - Overall great game, definitely one of Rockstar's best. Originator of the series.
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Call of duty 4

Halo 3

Gears of war 2
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MW2 (everyone needs to get noob tubed atleast once)
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Relive these series

Gears of War
Call of Duty
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Hmm, it's hard to put it into a top 3 list

Zelda BOTW
Halo 3
Super Mario lmao
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Runescape atleast once
Escape from Tarkov

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Top 3 for console would be


Gears of war

Call of duty
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To Play Before I Die

1) Spider-Man on PS4 (Because it has such good ratings and reviews)

2) GTA San Andreas (Never played it but it is always on top 10s)

3) CS:GO (Still has millions of players and would give me a good reason to play PC a lot more than I do currently)
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