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Hi friends it me Saki

I showcased my turbo Elantra, Akame last June. She was pretty stock back then and it was quite a while since the last update so I figured I'd show my progress on her for all 3 of you that care

Things done to her:

aFe Takeda Stage 2 CAI

Mandrel bent 3' cat back exhaust with secondary cat delete

LAP3 E85 tune

HKS M45XL spark plugs

Continental SureContact tires

Motegi MR131 Tracklite wheels

35% tint all around, 40% windshield

Other various aesthetic changes

Future plans:

LAP3 Methanol injection kit

SXTH Dual Oil Catch Cans

YSR Coilovers

SXTH Rear Sway Bar

SXTH Turbo downpipe

Anyone in Northern Virginia tryna stop light race hit me up haha just kidding state farm this was a joke

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Really like what you've done with your Elantra! I can tell you've given a lot of love just by looking at her. I personally feel that some car modifications can be unnecessary and lame but I truly like everything you've done. Thanks for sharing!

Maybe one day I'll hit you up on that stop light race!

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if you were behind me on the road i would brake check you dumb weeb

nice car Socky
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Needs more RGB
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Nice need more low i see thats one of ur future plans i like it men real nice
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Very weeb car for a weeb.

Very nice keep us updated with the build
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