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I cant attach pictures rn but i need help choosing

R32 Mk4 golf

iS300 lexus
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Golf all the way
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IS300 with the 2JZ motor easily. I wouldn't even hesitate on that option.
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lexus is all round better in every way, im also a mechanic haha
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Ill go for the lexus even tho i always been a fan of the golf
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golf for sure.
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If the golf is in good condition and as being well looked after with low clicks and you want something that is an all around great daily car and is also a ton of fun I'd stick with the golf.
But if you really do want something to play around with and do some skids in and do some fun performance mods and make it funnier than the IS300 would be a blast if its manual.
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iS300 lexus seems to be a better option
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Absolutely is300.
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