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as you all know i was one of the first 3 to reach 500 gifts of gold
back again to help with the site and return to selling consoles alot of people have seen me in the shoutbox lately or one on one chats in IM's want to thank those who pushed me to 4k rep also and 5k Thanks just recently its amazing how much The Tech Game has Grown in the last 4 years i have been here thanks to all the staff and those who i have helped reach there goals and you helped mine also thank you for all thanks and rep and gold giving back after all these years I appreciate you all the same and some of my real friends who have been here since the day i got started means alot to me for all the support

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You are a king! Thank you for the gifts
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Congrats big man,

Thank you for the gifts :*
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hell yeah man! Keep it up
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Congrats on the achievements bro!
Thanks for being such a fantastic community member, we all appreciate it
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Congrats rodent glad to see you around still, I remember being a youngin and looking up to you and I still do, awesome achievements friend!
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You're the man! Congrats bro!
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Congrats to one of my favorite members on the site.

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Congratulations on all of your achievements Rodent.

Now for the love of god get to 10,000 posts already!

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