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Brodingo's Gold Giveaway!

How many?

I will choose 2 winners.


Post below your favorite quality about yourself!

Rep and a thanks is appreciated but not necessary.

How will winners be chosen?

Random number generator

As always much love

The Following 9 Users Say Thank You to Brodingo For This Useful Post:

478 (07-19-2020), 2Pac (07-19-2020), Xbox (07-18-2020), Rodent_Modz (07-18-2020), Preferred (07-18-2020), BLVD (07-18-2020), Jacob (07-18-2020), Putrid (07-18-2020), Bahroz (07-17-2020)
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My favorite quality about myself is that I am smart but I act dumb all the time for no reason
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My favourite quality about myself would be my lack of negative judgment towards other people.

Thanks for doing this for the community!
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I'd like to say im good at saving my money, but im not. So ill go with my favorite quality being that I eat peanut M&Ms like a madman
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I'm pretty good with computers I'd say, thats about it.

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Being a perfectionist is one of my favorite personal qualities, but it can also be my least favorite lol
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Positive attitude out going. Always like to teach people when they want to learn something new hard ass worker Probably my best quality is when I am working. Things get done Thanks for this good give away
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i'M pErFeCtIoNiSt
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Count me in, if I win, please give the gold to a non-gold member or a member who does not have the Summer 2020 badge yet.

Also favorite quality about myself?
Too many to list buddy
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Thanks for the opportunity.

Favorite quality is being an asshat.
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