Modded Lobbies[PC] [STATUS: ONLINE] EZ MONEY DROPS [2.5K BAGS] [0% BANPosted:

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ONLINE (17/07/2020)

How to Join:

1. Add social club: MoneyDrops666

2. Add a reply to this thread with your social club name followed by "I accept the rules"

3. Wait for me to host a lobby and get invited!


1. Do not bank money or spend money in the Lobby

2. Do not shoot any weapons

3. Do not bring cops, it will cause bags to drop slower

4. Do not bring cars, it will cause the bags to drop slower

5. Do not intentionally steal other players money bags

6. Enter passive mode when you enter the lobby

If you don't follow these rules, you'll be kicked, unfriended and blacklisted from my lobbies!

Donations of course are NEVER required, but are of course massively appreciated. To donate you can PM me here or ask me ingame!

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I accept the rules
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I accept the rules cadenmb12
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