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Title says it all, i need everything done.

For twitter
just a header with all my socials, like NICKMERCS's header. link below
My twitter: diibbern
My insta: diibbern
My youtube: diibbern
My twitch: diibbern

example heaer

For youtube
basically the same thing as the twitter header

For twitch
i really just need a very simple overlay where it has a spot for a recent follow and recent donation. Something like the pic below. Up top where it says top donation i would want to be split in two where it would have those two spots for recent follow and recent dono

For instagram
just a simple pic for me to post to my story for when i go live on twitch, you pretty much have free reign on how you want to do this since i dont have ideas on how i would it done lol, maybe just some text that says "live on twitch" or something of the sort

as always i am willing to pay for good work
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i'd be willing to do it! just send me a pm
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