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  • Summer 2020
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Makes you wonder.... If he was reaching out.

If you havent heard the whole album, its a must.
I feel his music had meaning behind it, even though he spoke about drugs and mental disorders a lot but its real life. He struggled, we all struggled.

We are in this together. RIP Juice

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juice is god brother, glad you made this post ive been waiting on the album for over 10 months on god. heard about it last year. on top of that ive had every song but 2 in my playlist of unreleased since hes died.... im a huge juice wrld fan! stay positive and stay blessed keep your chin up no matter what!!!! ive been through it all if any yall need a chat hit my line ANYTIME. respect.
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rip juice, havent listened to the full album yet, def will but im sure its good
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Him and Pop Smoke coulda been sitting together here on the top but i guess god had itjer plans and took them beyond just fame i hope they up there seeing the help they brought with their music
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Juice has pretty much changed music, When I started listening to him I experienced life more, cause to be honest his life kinda is like mine, I have battled drugs and what not and I look up to him as a brother cause he is nothing but facts and positivity and I love that type of stuff, Same with XXXTentacion I always looked up to these artist. There music has inspiration and what not, like old school Tupac and biggie!
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