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Apt Arctic's Post - Aka Leafized

This is made possible by a tool.
This post will be updated with better graphics soon.

    It is BEST to use an ALT account, though bans aren't prevalent, it is possible.
    You must have open NAT
    You must have good internet.

    Note: This is NOT R2R, i am the only one able to give this out.

    How does this work?

    1. Send me a message, so i can get your steam ID
    2. Add me on Steam, and invite me to a private match.
    3. Start the match and wait until i say end it.
    4. That's it! You can now give your friends, lobbies, or anyone else an unlock all! Just invite them and start the match!

    You can then use the mod to host your own unlock all lobbies!

Price: $5 per infection
Neither I or TTG (The Tech Game) are responsible for any and all account ban / vac bans. Doing this is at your own risk. (You likely won't get banned.)

Happy TTG Members

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UWishIWazHostin (07-08-2020)
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Nice looking post man
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This post has been updated with proof and information as to how it works.
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looking pretty cool man I might be interested!
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Still Doing these? I can venmo/paypal
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