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Well seeing as 2020 isn't bringing us anything good, why not set up a Graphics King contest! The subject for this contest will be clothing merchandise (Tshirts, hoodies, sweats, shoes ect) and your task will be to create a piece that represents a brand or business of your choice, it can even be for a non-existent company, and it can even be for TheTechGame.

The choice is up to you on how you want to go about this contest, and we will be eagerly waiting to see what you guys can come up with. Below you will find the necessary information.

The rules are as follows:

  • The subject is clothing merch; design something that represents a brand or business. Bonus points for TheTechGame themed

  • All images posted MUST follow the Site Rules

  • Do not reserve spots! (Post when you have a completed photo/image/drawing - Feel free to edit your post once you have posted it with more entries)

  • Only post with your entry! (We do not need this to turn into a discussion thread, use the thumbs system if you like/dislike the users graphics entry)

  • Do not plagiarise work. We will be searching to verify that your entry is original.

  • You may be required to include proof within your graphics entry to verify that you have created it.

  • The contest is not limited solely to digital work; hand-drawn designs are also valid.

Any copied images will result in your entry being disqualified.

How will the winner be decided?

    The winner of this contest will be chosen by the staff team as well as current active Graphics King award holders.

We will accept entries until July 18th


Winning Submission:
Graphics King award, 3 months of gold and 2000 rep

Second and Third Place Submissions:
1 month of gold and 5000 rep

Notable Entries:
1000 rep

The voting period will end on July 22nd

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Somber is a brand I will be making for the TTG graphics contest <3 GLHF everyone

Somber Tee


Design with no background


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As you all know, I am a designer here on TTG. I have been waiting for this moment for quite awhile. Below you can find my submissions to the contest. Good luck to everyone, and I am glad I could be a part of the 2020 contest.

T-Shirt concept /w UI store concept

UI Store Concept

T-Shirt Concepts
Proof of design, and concept

Hoodie Design Concept

Proof of design, and concept

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Here are my entries! I spent a lot of time on each one, so I hope you take the time to consider my entries for the contest! I will try to make as many entries as possible before the deadline, hopefully at least one of my entries will catch your eye!

Hoodies (CLICK ME!) -

Updated Hoodies (You Might Like) -

YouTube Team Hoodies(MUST SEE THESE) -

Tank Tops -

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Tasty's Entry

Wow, I'm impressed with the designs that have been submitted so far. Some of them are super clean. I have done a couple graphics showcases on this site in the past, and seeing this contest made me want to try again. I'm not the greatest with graphics, but the worst case scenario is that I don't win, so I thought why not.

Thanks for letting me be a part of this! Also, shoutout to Gabriel for bumping the vectors of the logos he shared

T-shirt design

For the first attempt I decided to use Illustrator, since I took an actual class on it at one point. Still not totally comfortable with it, so I did my best to keep it clean.


Anime/Cartoon Design

And of course as a Senpai on this site (thx Petite), I had to do something that will disgust a lot of you. I made a TTG themed anime/cartoon girl. I'm better at drawing than using Adobe software. I know some people wouldn't wear this on a shirt, but I thought maybe it would be a good logo for some weeb clothing merch or a sticker or other merchandise lmao.

Hope this makes some of you weebs happy.

This was made on an iPad with an Apple pen lol. The app I used is called Procreate.

Alternate T-shirt design

This was added on July 12th. I am obsessed with using a controller lol.


Love all of you

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Wow these are some good entries! Nice work everyone hope your all enjoying this and having fun!

I made some shirts personally for some members here and I hope you all like them!

Brandon (maDz):












Rodent Modz:




pls don't take this serious it's all for fun and jokes, ty.

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Thanks to Mortar for hosting this contest, and I must say that most of the entries thus far have been fantastic!
My contest entry is more for fun then seriousness lol, although I do hope that at least a few people enjoy my designs.

Thanks again to Mortar & the existing Graphics Kings for the great opportunity, and good luck to the other designers.

First I decided to create a fake brand to design for, I came up with the name Umbrella to represent inclusiveness and community (a representation of TTG)

Umbrella Shirts

My overall goal with my TTG designs was to try and create products that would appeal to both those interested in gaming/tech as well as people who just like the clothing/brand.

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Mine is for a demolition company I wanted to start but never had the brains for it...I've only designed a T-shirt so far but please give me feedback and let me know how I can improve in any way


Company Slogan:
"The only company that smashes with two Balls...

Fingers crossed
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Here's my entry for the graphics competition:)

It's been a while since I've seen one of these bad boy competitions come through, so glad to see you've added this and for giving us all a chance, appreciate that very much!


This design has taken me a long time, a lot of research and different styles I've made throughout finding one i thought to be pretty unique and different. Each design has been made from adobe draw app on my iPad, so it's taken just as long as the research. I will be uploading video proof as of tomorrow afternoon (3PM/ UK GMT) as it's very late for me right now lmao.

Larger versions of the designs:

Now, I'm aware there are some minor problems to the logo and the hat, its a drawing and my time is very limited at the moment, I'll try my best to fix them before the deadline:)
Proof: I can only manage to get hold of one quick speed design concept from where it began,but I can guarantee you I made all of them exactly the same way..

Ill most likely be adding/changing some details on this design later on before it ends, but just thought I'd say: it's been fun. And I wish everyone luck on the competition!

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