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Title says all, looking to make some quick easy cash. Times have been tough, any suggestions would be great!
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Depends what are you willing to do, you can invest in stocks, try to find a small part time job, learn how to do graphics and sell your service ? It all depends on what are you willing to do
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Lawn cutting


Farm work such as doing hay, fixing fences, feeding animals and cleaning out stalls.

Grocery shopping for elderly people.

Could always sell things around your house that you don't use anymore.
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Only fans
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JoeI wroteOnly fans

I would subscribe
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Sell foil hats to boomers
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Sign up and drive/deliver for doordash or uber eats.
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Go to casino and put all you got on black. No I'm all seriousness try to drive for grub hub or Uber eats, wash people's cars, there so many opportunities to make me money just gotta want it. Good luck friend
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