GiveawayAnother Gold Giveaway. ended (WINNERS HAVE BEEN GIFTED)Posted:

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I'm gonna be gifting 5 random people that reply to this using a random number generator. PLEASE only post once becuase if you're chosen with having 2 Replies I will not count you.

End Date? Not sure, maybe 2-3 Days from now, maybe a few tomorrow and the rest later? Just enter and what happens happens.

Rep and thanks not required but I'd appreciate it

Goodluck all!

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oh sure ill take a jab at it
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thanks for the chance if i get pick please send the gold to a user that needs it you help and we help <3
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Count me in
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I would like to enter.

Thank you!
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I would like to enter!
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Good luck everyone!
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count me in.

Thank you and good luck everyone!
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Count me in homie
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