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Greetings to anyone that is currently viewing/reading this. I first joined TTG over 8 years ago, I own the accounts Champs, and Partnerships. A lot in life has changed during this time some for the good and some for the bad. Initially making this name back then thinking it was a cool OG now with what is going on in life I can see it as very controversial. But that's besides the point. Just wanted to say hello and see how the site is doing. For those that are new or have stuck around what's changed? What's the new new for TTG. Let me know and thanks again for all the fun modded lobbies back in the day love yall
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Welcome back
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964 wroteWelcome back

Thank you <3
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Welcome back man. Hope to see ya around
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7 year member, welcome back m8
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Welcome back OG hope to see you around the forums or SB
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Welcome back dude if I was you I would try and get one of those old accounts you had in the last since you are only suppose to have one.

Also I wouldn't say just because your name is republican it means it's controversial lol.

Anyways see you around hopefully more now
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