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I want to build a video-editing PC, so I probably need a decent CPU.
However my goal is to setup 3 monitors.

I already have decent 1TB SSD hard-drive, monitors and 16GB RAM.

Only thing I need advice is the CPU, GPU, Power Supply and the motherboard.

Another thing im stuck on, because I need to use 3 monitors, I want to find a good graphic card that can support 3 monitors. Also I'm not sure what kind of display port is best. Do I have to use 3 HDMI cable in order to use the 3 monitors? So I am clueless about how to get all the 3 monitors going.

Nothing is decided yet so any advice is helpfull

My budget for the CPU is between 100-250USD
Thats the only thing I'm willing to pay huge price.
As for the others, it does not have to be low budget, just something with decent price.
What do you recommend, what should I Buy.
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