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They have really ruined this game ever since the shi**y special
Cards came out all I ever come up against is 90+ rated teams it's F*cking pathetic every single team is overpowered asf and me with my 85 team and never had a good player from a pack can't compete at all! The past 30-40 games I have played have all been 90+ rated.

I have even purposely lost games to put me in division 9 and I still can't f*cking win any it's not like I'm that bad tbh everyone just seems to either spend 100s on the game or have stupid pack luck it's pathetic
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No point moaning over the shxt game man, The game has always been shxt and always will be. It's a PAY TO WIN game it always has been and it will never change.

If you don't spend unreal amounts of money on the game on fifa points then you aren't going to have a half decent team. EA are a shambles.

Doing SBC's putting an 85 rated team in for a 89 rated player or 92 rated player that's UNTRADABLE it's pathetic you put your time and effort into doing SBC's and they are untradable, But why? why are they untradable. You should be able to trade them if you wanted to as you have put a team into the SBC's that's probably worth 10x more than the card your getting back.
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