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Hi I here to play gams. Make new frends. And jus mess stuf up yessss

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Xbox (06-28-2020)
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RepGobbler wroteHi I here to play gams. Make new frends. And jus mess stuf up yessss


Make sure to take a look at rules.

Also if you have had a account on ttg in the past make sure to message a staff member with all the information you have.

I hope to see you around the forums.
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Welcome to TheTechGame, I would say join us in the Members_Shout.html but I see in there.
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Welcome to TTG!
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welcome to the tech game community. feel free to add me as a friend ! enjoy the forums too!!
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Welcome to the site.
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Welcome to TTG ! Hope u stick around !
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RepGobbler wroteHi I here to play gams. Make new frends. And jus mess stuf up yessss

Welcome to TTG community
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Interesting. Welcome
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Welcome to the tech game bro
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