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Today I completed my life achievement. Getting married? Graduating college? Having a child? No, I just maxed on Old School RuneScape. After thousands of hours and 7 years (Not 7 years straight.) the day has finally come. I can now sleep at night knowing my destiny and my purpose in life is now complete. I want to thank all of the dudes at the RS prefix. Y'all know the struggle of this achievement.
cent is hot

Watch the clip here

For those that have no idea what this game is:

Old School RuneScape is the 2007 version of RuneScape, the ancient MMORPG from everyone's childhood. Each skill in this game has a max level of 99. In some cases they only take 50 hours but in others they can take 300+ hours. Some of these skills took me months of grinding. The grind for the beautiful cape is finally over and now I start a new journey. Yes, I'm still playing the game. There's so much more content I want to revisit and so much content I haven't even touched.

S/O to RS for showing up to the party! Sorry if you missed it

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Congrats man, big achievement!

hey, i see myself in the pic!
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Congrats man. Wish I could have been there. So what's next on the list?
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Congrats man
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Massive congrats!
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Congrats Jimbo
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Proper nerd!

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Wow congrats man
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