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Usually I wouldn't make a post like this but sometimes talking with people you don't know is more helpful.

I really don't know what to do with my life, I don't wanna go back to school because I can't focus, the more I try the more it frustrates me to the point where I beat myself up for it.

Work is very slim and rare right now due to COVID, the job market is dead.

I'm beginning to hate myself more and more every day, I'm slowly giving up here. My depression and anxiety is not really helping either.

I'm so lost.

Sorry to bring this to the forums. I guess I'm really just looking for advice

Edit: I am 25 years old this year

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Honestly dont know why it been almost 2 hours and nobody has reach out which is messedup unless they already had pm you but anyways men dont beat your aelf up too much life is a roller coaster, if you wanna talk just shoot me a message lol
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Sorry to hear this man. Feel free to PM me if you need to get anything off your chest.

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I'm always a PM away man if you need a talk or if you have xbox we could play sometime if you play gta, not even on the mic just have fun in a session or something. But never ever feel like you can't message anybody for a chat man, you'll always have people that are willing to help you.

I hope you are okay man.
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Sent you a pm with some advice and love my man..hope all is well.
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1st of all school isn't for everyone so do not feel bad about school. Yes you need a education to get a decent paying jobs these days

Lowe's Home Depot and menards are hiring like crazy right now

Easy jobs that don't take much skills and you can learn a lot in those big box stores and move up to hire paying jobs if you apply yourself

2nd this COVID 19 is hurting a lot of people with shutdowns and everyday activities in the world so your not alone in this Stay strong and I think it was great to post this cause normal people you talk to everyday can wear your positivity's thoughts on life

Easier to open up to a stranger meaning like posting cause your not the only person at your age or any age at this time that is going thru this

I just turned 49 and I talk to people daily about this and it wears on me and others just remind yourself we will all get thru this if we take the pro cautions that are needed

2020 has been a hard year for all of us. We all are here to help if you willing to

As you stated it's depressing.

Hope this helps you see things in a different way and maybe set your mind at ease

You can pm me at any time.
Or IM me
People can be very rude at these times so glad and thankful you posted. May help others also

Finding a hobby you like gaming modding etc. could be anything from puzzles to crosswords Programming. Cheap things you can do to make life a little better

On a side note I have always wanted to be that Toys R Us kid. Can't do that anymore Toys r us doesn't exsist anymore Still wondering what I want to do with my life. But I am having a good time while I am here
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Man you're 25 and alive. You're only starting your life. You're healthy and you've already way more than some people in the world or who have left the world.

There will always be rain before the rainbow. Take it day by day. There is always someone to talk to, even on here. I don't know you personally but I'll be happy to get to know you.

Everything will be ok. It always does.
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Dont feel bad man!

I am turning 25 later this year and just figured out what I want to do. Just like you I hated school but i pushed myself through 3 years of it to get an associate's degree while working part time. While in school I realized what I studied wasnt what I want to do for the rest of my life. I went out and found a trade and have never been so happy.
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Just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has reached out to me, it means way more than you all could imagine.

I also want to apologize, I don't mean to complain about life because everyone is probably struggling in their own way.

It's just I feel like I've hit lower than rock bottom, maybe I haven't, maybe it's just my depression and anxiety making me feel this way.

But again, thank you
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Even those who act big and tough, my life's perfect. It's all bullshit and a put on.
Nobody's life is perfect, we all go through the stage of depression and anxiety. Some just get is sooner than others. Some get it but isn't as challenging.

I remember 2yrs ago I did. When I became a daddy. Its the best most scariest thing to ever happen to someone. I constantly doubted myself because some TTG users was chatting shit in discord over me gifting and not really caring about parenting, literally didn't want to go to work so I could make sure she was safe and have everything she needed. It messed me up mentally. Guess who reached out to me and stood by me. Sean! Of all guys, TTG Sean was there every day for a month or 2 haha.

They say sticks n stones blah, blah. Not when a man is already down. Think before you want act and say something so stupid

Best thing I did was talk about it. I still have anxiety and depression because shit, she's 2 now. And right now the world is 1 **** up place for her to be brought up.

My PM are always open for a chat. Or PM me to chat over discord. I'm easy. Keep your head up man!!
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