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I've come across a few tips on YouTube which where:

Square map, motion blur and film grain off and some class set ups..

I'm still not improving very much since release, I've played thousands of hours into every single call of duty title with no issues. This is genuinely my main issues I can't deal with:

Any gun I use feels like it takes way to long to kill and still has to much recoil, I can't seem to get used to the mechanics (wobbling camera when moving etc) I'm starting to think it's either one or two things: My controller is broken or I'm just not good at this game.

Is there any tips you can give me? I'm console btw
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Use a low sensitivity around 5 to hit more shots

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I offer a Warzone boosting service.
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Altraaa wroteI offer a Warzone boosting service.

He asked for tips, Not a carry.
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Altraaa wroteI offer a Warzone boosting service.

He's asking for tips, not a service lol
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