Giveawayv_v Second gold giveaway! ended 06/22 <3Posted:

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Hey guys, i feel the need to give a bit more love to the TTG community.
I am going to be doing my second giveaway!

How many winners am I doing this time?
This time there will be 4 winners!

Just post bellow whats up (preferably some memes) to enter as simple as that. Gold members refer users if you would like.
I will be selecting the 4 winners on Monday. Good luck to everyone who enters! (:

Goodfellas-Cause he is such a good god damn fella.
Xur- Been KILLING it around TTG keep it up my man <3
Owen- Well..he said I was the man...and that he will I kinda had no choice
islandfarms- Just cause he desperately needs help and I love him

CONGRATS to the winners!
Will for sure be doing more giveaways in the future.
I'll be lurking in the SB much love to all

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I would like to enter.

Thank you and good luck everyone!
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I'd like to enter please
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entering bc who doesnt want more gold, if you can find somoene thats active and doesnt have gold pls gift them instead. or gift me ALL the gold. up to you
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Im mobile but appriciate the fact you giving back to the community !
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I'd like to enter this if that's allowed!
Check the vid on my profile for the meme
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I'd like to enter!
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I'd like to enter!
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