Conspiracyuh, I guess "marketing"?Posted:

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I marked this as a conspiracy because I really don't know and I wanted to ask y'all while going in blind. So I was going to bestbuy because I wanted to buy a 144hz monitor and My budget was $150~ and that's low ball for a 144hz monitor but not by too much, so I asked the bestbuy employee and he said "unfortunately all those are going to be $200+ and our cheapest is $210" so I said okay thank you for the information and left. Went online searched through amazon got scammed (Lenovo think smart televisioned was advertised even after I typed 144hz and it said 144hz) decided the read the reviews; mostly 1 star because it's "not the same hz as described" So i kept looking into it and it was 120hz in some places and 75 in others and I didn't mind turns out it was 60hz (default) and so I returned it and got a refund next paycheck was coming soon and could get some more money now and I went on bestbuys website because I didn't wanna get scammed like that again and I stayed on this monitor that was 144hz for days just eyeballing it keeping it minimized etc and coming back to it. I get my money and magically it's on sale and $18 off, so the conspiracy is do places lower their online prices if it's viewed enough times for a long enough period?

TLDR; watched a monitor on bestbuys website and when I went to buy it it was on sale, coincidence? Marketing? Conspiracy.
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