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I've made several silly posts in the past but let me clear this up, I know how to bloody cook it.

What's the best way to cook a frozen BBQ pork chop?

I usually pan fry, but for the best juicy softest results what do you recommend?? I want this tea to be delicious lmfao

Oven cooking pork just isn't appealing but is it better?
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Firstly, its a pork chop do yourself a favour put it under the tap and remove all that disgusting BBQ sauce, like c'mon bruh.

Now cover said porkchop in some wood shavings nice and thick try get some tiny wood splinters over it and then dip it in marmite to really give it an intense flavour.

Now we had to the nearest crematorium launch the pork chop into the fire pit wait 50 mins and then fish it out and enjoy your wood/ash covered pork chop just make sure you don't do that mid funeral.

Garnish with some fresh pickled onions and enjoy.
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I usually cook the pork chops either on the grill or I put it on a pan in the oven with a little bit of water in the bottom and whatever sauce your using.

By searching on the internet you can find many recipes for making baked pork chops in the oven, pan fried and on the bbq.

Example of what im talking about:
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