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Hello All,

I am currently hosting bot lobbies for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019. What is a Bot Lobby? A bot lobby is a service for players who are looking to level up their weapons or gain some calling cards using a method similar to back in the 'Black Ops 3' days, where you are spawned into an online lobby of just Bots. All experience gained from the lobby counts towards weapon levels and camo challenges. You are also able to get specific calling cards. This method is quite a low banning method and if you follow instructions of the staff you will be less likely to be banned. Please note: There is still a chance that you can be banned and we offer no responsibility if you have been. You are using this service at your own risk.

TTG Special Pricing:

$5 - 15 Minutes

I am doing 15-minute lobbies at a time to allow more people to be able to join.

How to join?

Private message me on TheTechGame and the whole transaction needs to be done through there.

Proof for TTG:

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Legit lobby, thanks mate!
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If this is still available I'll look into buying when I'm off work. Price is good to give this a try.
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Fast replies and great service, cheers man
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100% I did half hour with him good service
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