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Well, bit late happened in March atchieved 10 years on this site. I've been fortunate to experience the changes, all the way from bad staff (which they were dealt with quick so props to the real OG staff)o the absolute spam of lobby's which props to the staff they handled it well, used to come here all the time back when I first started my account to go leech some menus for cod4.

It's also crazy to me because almost half my life I've been on this site, currently 23, crazy to think I was 13 when I first made the account, but anyways that's story time

If anyone got good memories feel free to post em curious to see

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Congrats on 10 years geez that's a long time.
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Congrats on your 10 year account!
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Congratulations on 10 years, same time as me! Doesn't seem that long!
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Congrats OG on 10 years!
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Grats on 10 Years man 7 More for me then ill be there right with ya
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Congrats on 10 years
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Congrats on the 10 year mark man
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Welcome to the ganggggggg
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Congrats bro shheeesh 10 long years come around the sb sometime
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