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Another Milestone Landed today

So today my rep hit 1,700 which honestly i would of never thought i would even hit 1k but thanks a lot to some of you in the sb also the ones that send their love everyday i **** with yah deep <3 anyways this post is going to be my 500th post moving from "Powerhouse" to "Wise One" ! Also couple weeks ago i earned the Gold gifter badge and recently obtained the MVC King badge ! to think i joined in April again and met alot of great people in the SB (dont go there its addicting and dangerous) and last im almost about to have 100 shoutbox gifts so come around the sb
ill be dropping at random times !

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Congrats on 500 posts and 1700 rep, hopefully I can be around when you drop them gifts in the sb. Also please never use that text color again!

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Congrats man
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Congrats bro on 500 posts and 1700 rep! See you at 2K rep and 600 posts
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Congrats on both milestones my G
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Congrats on both brotha, i'll be lurking the SB
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Congrats on your milestones.
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Congratulations on both milestones!
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Congratulations!! much love
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Congrats on both rep and post count. Thanks for doing giveaways and helping the community.
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