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Modding[TUT] Creating custom items for Borderlands 3 (PC)Posted:

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Hi there, not sure if anyone has done one before on this site so feel free to let me know if thats the case!

This is a draft! It will be updated accordingly. Feel free to comment or PM to correct me or suggest an addition.

This tutorial assumes that you have the game on either Steam or Epic Game store

Be sure to check the end of the post for all the ressources you may need during your creations.

-First of all make sure that you have already run the game once.

-Then locate the folder with the save file you want to modify. The default directory should be as this;

C:\Users\(your user name)\Documents\My Games\Borderlands 3\Saved\SaveGames\(a bunch of numbers).

From there, each save is named with a number depending on the date of creation (lower number means the save was made earlier)

You can edit the file directly from the save folder or copy it somewhere else. You can modify the file while the game is running but only drop back the save file in the folder when you are in the main menu and switch characters if possible (or back out to the title screen) or else the game WILL NOT use the updated save.

-You can now start editing your character in the editors available online. I'll link a few in this topic but i personnaly use by Baysix#2208.

The reason i use this one is because you can use gibbed format codes [ bl3(*******) ] wich makes it easier to share your items or import from others. Plus you can use the site from anywhere, even on mobile if you are on the go. And also most of the parts have a short description next to it wich allows to directly see what you are adding to your item.

Below i'll add tips for each type of items and some rules of thumb to make sure your items work.

Basic rules

-You CANNOT mismatch brands and gun types. For exemple, no torgue parts on a vladof or a shotgun barrel on a SMG. The editor i provided above will prevent that from happening but if you decide to use other methods like CheatEngine and force it, the item WILL dissapear.

-For all weapons, ALWAYS add a body piece or it WILL NOT spawn.

For exemple, on Dahl SMG, use the highlighted part.

-If you want a gun that doesnt consumme any ammo or need to reload, simply removes the magazine.


-At least one bolt,barrel or trigger is required for the gun to shoot.

-For jakobs pistols, at least one hammer is required.

-The easiest way to up the damage of your gun is to stack up any part that increase the damage (usually barrels have the biggest modifier but make sure to check the spreadsheet as some might have different values.)

For exemple;

-Some might get better damage output from adding multiple times a legendary barrel. This works for most of the other gun classes, but it is not always the case, so trial and error is the way to go here.

For exemple;
BL3(AwAAAABgF4A5l1IBk/sfMkhEyQBaLqolj8fj8Xg8Ho/H4/F4PB6Px+PxeDwej8fj8Xg8Ho/H41ksFovFYrFYLBbLYrEAxh0hAAAAAAAAGQMA) by NeoNoctis#6010

-For CoV weapons, always add a starter.


Damage wise, most of the previous tips still apply.

-Jakobs shotguns will require either an hammer or or a bolt to shoot.

-For most shotguns, the parts labeled as 'increase projectiles per shot' will add a set number of pellets per shot. However, some like most jakobs have a percent upgrade (35), wich will exponentialy increases the pellet count. So avoid adding too much of these parts to avoid crashing your game upon shooting.

For exemple, heres a safe shotgun;


-Always use one Part Character.
-Each time you add one Part Skill part, you will add 1 point into that skill.

For exemple, heres a speed based class mod for Zane;


-Most part will have an effect that can be stacked up to 3 times. Adding anymore of the same will not add any effects. Some dont stack up.

-Adding aug parts will increase the damage output and will give you the effects related. A good augment to increase the raw damage of a grenade is the FishSlap aug. However it will change the skin of the grenade.

For exemple, heres a modded hex;


-The best way to increases capacity is to stack up the legendary rarity part.

-like the grenade, some augments only stack up to 3 times and some dont. Refer to the spreadsheet below for more info.


-Most Ability and Secondary Stat part will stack up so you can increase their effect.

For exmple, heres a speed based relic;


In the next post, i'll show you how to transfer item from PC to consoles and how to send them to yourself!
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