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So I know we're all gamers and love to stay up as late as possible lol but when you can, what's your bed time? I'm working 5pm to 1 am and have been going to bed at the worst times and waking up tired lol. I need some tips if anyone has some! Thanks guys!

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Mines non existent
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Dzy wroteMines non existent
I feel it. But I've been getting 8 hours and up and feel so good
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i always done overnight jobs lol love em i got use to it ,always got home at 6am prob felt sleep at 10am
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I don't have one but I try to get to bed before midnight ideally.
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I have no work due to this corana virus sh*t so my sleep pattern is whenever my face hits my controller.
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Until I'm tired enough to fall alsleep
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Back in work now so hopefully before 12am.
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6:30 to 7:30pm. I get up at 2:30 am for work and usually work 10 to 12 hours
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I don't have one but I need one!
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