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Going to keep this short and sweet, I got gifted gold randomly in the shoutbox and feel the need to share the love back. Winner will be announced in 14 days, maybe a couple more winners we'll see how much traction this giveaway gets

All you have to do is give me your favorite lil peep song ;)
Nah he might not be EVERYONE's cup of tea so just post a link or the name of your fave song in the comments.

This site has been here for years and always seems to be booming whenever I feel the need to come back and revisit it, which is awesome!
Keep on keeping on lads here's to many more great years ahead.


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Never even heard of them but I'll enter
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Ash wroteNever even heard of them but I'll enter

do me a favor and listen to a couple of his not so mainstream songs man, might not be your cup of tea but really resinates with me.

walk away as the door slams
better off / dying

so many more but those are a couple I have on repeat every time I listen to music.

either way I'd like to see your fave song
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Gooodluck everyone
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Thanks for doing this, count me in, if I win, please give the gold to a non-gold member
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