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I hit my 9 year about a week ago, but I was out of town (First vacation in years woo!), so here I am.

I'd like to take this moment to specifically not thank Cent.

Thanks to everyone else for being great friends along the way and for making some wonderful memories over the years. Very thankful for the great times and friends I've met over the years.

I'll attach some photos of my trip below in case anyone is interested. I don't think the mp4 videos will embed so just click on the link if you want. (I went to Denver/Colorado Springs, absolutely recommend it to anyone!)

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9 years of being fat

gratz 5head
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Holy shit I love you
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Congrats on 9 years, sad to say that the most you have accomplished is being king of the anime filled shoutbox. Our FEARLESS leader. Do you want us to call you senpai now as well lardass?

easily the worst member btw
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saw u on the side of a billboard
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ur fat

but grats
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Congrats, I bet the vacation was awesome and not alot of people around due to what's going on.
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Congrats mate!
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Congrats on 9 years
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congrats on getting 9 years
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