MilestoneFinally got Blind GifterPosted:

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Decided to drop some gifts in the SB today for blind gifter!

My badges are now even again and all hope has been restored to my life. Thank you for reading my non-sense

The Following 16 Users Say Thank You to Jimbo For This Useful Post:

40 (06-14-2020), Tom (06-08-2020), Xbox (06-01-2020), BLVD (05-30-2020), Nagisa (05-30-2020), Doug (05-30-2020), 2Pac (05-30-2020), CalicoReidso (05-30-2020), RepBandit (05-30-2020), Goodfellas (05-29-2020), perc (05-29-2020), G6 (05-29-2020), Kixa (05-29-2020), Federation (05-29-2020), RepMeDaddy (05-29-2020), RS (05-29-2020)
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Congrats on 10k rep
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Congrats Jimbo! Thanks for Rep Fairy coming through and see you in the shoutbox! Excited to see more badges on your page!
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Congratulations on the new badge man!
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congrats bro
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Congratulations keep up the hard work!
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Congrats mate!
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Good job daddy jimbo
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Yeet welcome to the club
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