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Hello everyone so I recently started looking into building my first pc and I've been doing research for the past 2 weeks and at first I wanted to spend about $1,000 for my budget, then I realized I have things I need the money for around the house. I decided I wanted to build a cheap but still good performing pc
for streaming and gaming.

Here is what I came up with:

I know I could upgrade cpu to 3600 but I left it with 2600 for now

The case is $85 on Amazon I coudnt get the price to show up on partpicker

Thank you and have a good day

I added some facts below:
Budget: less than $800
Do you need a monitor: No
Do you need a keyboard, mouse, or other peripherals: No
Operating system: No
overclock: eventually maybe
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Eh my only advice is to try and save a bit more and get better brand's

For instance both the ram and ssd i would reccomend getting better brands such as corsair or samsung, it's more reliable and samsung has great customer support (from what I experienced).

But if you're really in a tight budget then go ahead.

Also is this Kraken that used to stream Payday 2 gameplays? lol
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