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Hey TTG family so im sure this community has alot of users that are from around the world which is pretty dope if you ask me ! I already met couple of you guys that are really chill but anyways i speak spanish as my first language and english second

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Just English, I'm lame lol.
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Russian and English. Russian is my native language and English was the learned one. Grandmother was teaching me Czech before she died, something I plan to continue with down the road. I was learning German in school but never stuck with it, probably because it felt like a chore to learn as it was either that or Spanish and Spanish is a "useless" language to me as what they teach in America is different from Spain -- plus doubt I'll ever use it as I don't go within those countries ever. Started learning Serbian on my own but I have really slowed the hell down with it as I started getting caught up in other shit, will get back to that eventually.
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I only speak English. I have been thinking I need to learn a new language before it is too late.
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Little Arabic
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Scottish I would say English but we have our own words here haha
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I speak freedom
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I only speak English and I know a little Spanish not fluent, I might could communicate with someone.
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I speak English, but I can also speak Irish (:
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