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Hey guys, my name is Brody. Been around this site for a long long time silently, reading useful posts and what not when needed. Recently found myself coming here a lot more often so i decided to make a new account..Kinda excited to be back in the forums and you may be seeing me more often than not. I play on pc, sometimes xbox. Love cars/my car..VW enthusiast (no hate)

anyways just wanted to introduce myself to the newer ttg community. Happy Memorial Day weekend guys!

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Hey brody, hope to see you around the forums and sb
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Welcome to TTG
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Adrien Brody
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Hey! Welcome to TTG.

Make sure to read the Rules.

Also, come hang out with us in the Shoutbox.
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Welcome to TTG mate!
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Welcome man!
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Welcome to the site!
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Welcome to TTG Bro ! See you in shoutbox
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Yo bro welcome to the site man!

If your ever up for some warzone hit me up
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