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Hey, guys.

I recently ordered an RGH Xbox 360 Corona as a replacement for my retail Trinity that's on its last legs. In preparation for getting the console, I've been scouring forum posts and YouTube tuts (especially Modded Warfare), but i can't seem to find anyone trying to do exactly what I aim to do.

I don't plan on using the system to go online at all. I essentially wanted it to be a more reliable system to play the single player games I own offline.

But I also have a decent amount of GOD titles that I downloaded through Xbox Live legitimately. My goal is to take those games from my retail box with a USB drive and install them on my RGH.

My research shows me that this can be done with XM360 (which my RGH has) to unlock the games, DLC and TUs. I also aim to use Horizon to rehash my saves to a profile on the RGH.

Essentially I just want to make sure I'm understanding this correctly and see if anyone has tried to do this exact thing and had any success with it.

Thanks for your help.
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From my experience that won't work. XM360 will unlock dlc's and patch arcade game trials to the full versions. If the games are GOD and not xbox live arcade then it's still possible but the process is more involved.

You need to put the GOD files on your PC and use God2Iso to convert the GOD version to an ISO. Then you would extract the ISO into the raw files using 360 MP (pretty sure). You can wait until you get the rgh that way you can use xex menu to access the actual files (not the ones you see from retail dashboard). I'm getting ready to go to sleep right now but if you need any help along the way you can pm me.
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