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Hardcore Survival PVP | Custom Weapon Abilities


Minecraft 1.8 [Cracked Server]

A brand new CRACKED Hardcore Survival PVP server inspired by the legendary LOLPVP back in 2013! With custom weapon abilities, Tier system and economy; the goal is to build your wealth and stack your artillery with the best Top Tier weapons and Armour sets we offer in the Baller Shop! If you're striving to complete our server achievements, check the requirements at spawn.


- Custom Biomes
- Special Warps
- Ranking System
- Custom Weapon Abilities
- Hardcore PVP
- Teams/Factions
- Raiding/Griefing
- Donator Ranks/Perks
- Glacier 2.0 Spawn
- Server Achievements
- Login System to protect you from being hacked!
- Admin Ran Events (Mob-Arena, Scavenger Hunt + more!)


We are currently looking for WOWPVP ambassadors to help bring new players to our world of Top Tier PVP'ing. If you currently Livestream or create YouTube videos and are willing to be paid to play and promote our server, please get in contact with us! You guys will be the ones helping and endorsing the server with your presence at the heart of advertising to your audience!


We are currently also looking for staff members to help maintain the server as well as help us promote and gain a new player base. Once we have an established player base, we do not require you to help promote however, if you choose to we do appreciate your time being spent.

Current positions open are:


These ranks will respectfully be earned as another other position we may offer. We also allow staff members to have alt accounts which you can play as a regular player with free perks for being part of the staff team.

If working your way up through our staff team would be something you'd like to be apart of, please get in contact!

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Doug (05-23-2020)
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I might give this a try
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Doug wroteI might give this a try

Let me know when you're online! If you're into PVP it's really fun, especially with the custom weapons once you can get them.
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