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Sup guys so in the next few weeks im planning on turning my spareroom in my house into a gym! i am wanting to get a boxing bag, gloves and stuff, i have checked over amazon but any other ideas where i could get one at a good price?

thank you much love TTG

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Nowhere currently. When we all got told to not go outside, anything relating to gym products just went OOS. Amazon had a limited stock and places like Argos and Decathlon was all sold out. I managed to pick up my gear by shear luck and ended up driving to the place to collect it. Unsure if you'll be in more luck now since you can walk outside your front door without getting a fine...
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I would recommend shopping on eBay , you might be able to find decent stuff for cheaper and not only that your money back guaranteed through PayPal.
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It's so hard to get stuff no a days. Good luck buddy!
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I've been using FB marketplace
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Keep on checkin amazon sometimes they have the date the item will be restock
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Best Buy is a diverse company to check out. They're essential for their electronics, everyone knows that, but they do have punching bags and gloves, even gym equipment in their "off-the-table" categories.

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