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You may have seen my post on this thread already I'm selling multiple different digital items, if not go check it out!

The way I'm running the shop at the minute I am buying each item to order from customers. But while I was trying the method I use to get these digital items the first time I went big because I wasnt sure it would work again.

So I'm currently sitting on 5 £100 PSN Top Up cards that I desperately want rid of.

I'm selling them at £80 each but I'm willing to do extra deals to get shot of them, so offering the following:

2 x £100 top ups for £150
5 x £100 for £365

I currently have them listed on for sale and the site has verified they are working codes and listed them, so before anyone buys I can send proof that they are valid and been validated by a third party legitimate company
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