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So this weekend I want to make some pork ribs. I've never made them myself before so it's my first time, have you guys made them before? If so how do you like to make them?
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He has a lot of videos on ribs
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Good luck! I have never tried to make my own! Shouldn't be too hard after the 2nd or 3rd time!
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Grilling them is definitely the way to go. They will come out impeccable if you do it. But, since it is your first time, I would just throw them in the oven.

I usually cook mine in the oven at 350F for about 45 minutes. I like them a bit on the crispier side.

If you need any help, PM me. Been cutting and cooking meat for six years now.
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i've never actually had ribs before.

are they nice??
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Put them on a smoker or grill and marinate them in sauce before putting them on the grill, then put the sauce on both sides while cooking and once more when you take them off. Flavor is the best part about it.
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I put them in the oven on 275 for 3-4 hours covered with foil. Then once they are pretty much done put some bbq sauce and broil it for a quick min or two. Depending on how you like your ribs these come out tender and fall off the bone pretty much. I don't have time after work to get the grill all set up, remember to peel the membrane off the backside of the ribs if they aren't prepped.
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Awww you making me some
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Weirdly i love them in the air fryer.
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Thanks for the advice guy. I think I figured out exactly how I'm gonna make them and they're gonna be delicious.
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