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Question is it worth buying ?
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Check out my topic! I asked this very question yesterday and got some good feedback!
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ElPatronPM wroteQuestion is it worth buying ?

If your looking to make money off it no

But it's very handy to have
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Pmd you bro I can explain all the pros and cons and hook you up if you need something
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Honesty bro I always wanted a rgh or jtag and I got mine last year I've had so much fun with it and I've also made a lot of money on it but the hobby of modding online can get very expensive so you might want to find people to sell mods too cause stealth time isn't cheap. Hmu if you have any questions
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not for making money but for entertainment
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here is my honest opinion its for gaming , for fun not for making any type of money to share with your friends etc
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