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My favorite season is fall, I love all the colors and it's not too hot or too cold!

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When I lived in Florida mid-winter was by far my favorite, beaches weren't packed with tourists and pretty consistent 70-90 degrees daily.

In Indiana though it's a shitshow, I'd have to go with fall but we get 40 degrees in summers and 80 degree christmas days sometimes.
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Any season besides winter lol love the Christmas lights but hate the cold!!
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Same here fall. Best time of the year in my opinion.
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I've gotta say fall the balance in weather is so much nicer
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Goodfellas wroteMy favorite season is fall, I love all the colors and it's not too hot or too cold!


Spring - I find it a pleasant season with it being sunny and warmish
(even though I do get a slight touch of hayfever, but I don't care)
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I love summer even though it gets hot here in Canada.

I love being able to go on hikes, bike rides, swimming and growing a garden.

The only thing I hate is the bugs but I just ignore them.
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Winter. Fully. Love being out in the cold (Not being sarcastic either)
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I'm in scotland mate nice weather is all I'm looking for haha.

Actually so warm just now tbh
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