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Last night I was grinding some hardcore to get my pistols Platinum. I was working on the Renetti, and got all the camos unlocked except the Kills with all attachments, and the kills with no attachments. I was at 81/90 with all attachments, but then it would no longer progress. I did the normal thing and reboot the game. Logged back in and it showed 85/90, but the my NAT Type went from Open to Strict. I was using ethernet connection. I rebooted my PS4 and changed to Wireless, logged back in then NAT type went to Moderate. Checked my camo, it then said 0/90 but all the other ones before that was still unlocked. Has anyone else had this issue?
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Yes its from the server on mw they are horrible whqt best work for me is keep turning off my xbox till i saw how many was really there and not 0 best advice turn your Playstation off and on till you see your 85
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