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Basically ASOS I presume a lot of people from the U.K. have used or atleast heard of it, and if you have, have you heard of klarna?

If not klArna let's you buy items and pay in 30 days or buy items and pay 3 installments so if ur items £60 you pay £20 then 30 days £20 then 30 days £20

anyway sometimes klarn declines

For a £49.70 transaction I used klarna 3 installments which redirected me to my bank, then came back to say "sorry your purchase could not be complete please use a different method"

Instantly I checked my bank and it's took payment!! I've emailed them but on ASOS in purchase history there is nothing

How do I prove this to them( will it auto give me my money back? Abit worry I know £49 isn't loads but I'm worried what to do, this was literally 15 hours ago also, so it's not credited me the money back either

Thanks guy
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