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Joined for some PC stuff and saw they had this forum so that is a plus, what kind of projects everyone working on? Car, motorcycle, drift trike, anything just wanna see what you got going on haha. I have been building a 84mm Darton wet sleeved B18C since last July (machine work takes way to long especislly porting ) but it has Eagle rods, Wiseco 11.5:1 pistons, ARP rod bolts, main studs, and head studs, 4piston oil pump, Supertech everything for the head and GSC T2 cams, Precision 6765 ball bearing, and tons other goodies, still gotta get the engine bay finished up before I drop it in but shooting for 700+ on E85 and if everything goes good I will be getting an FCS AWD kit next year. I'll get some pics off my phone to post.
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Love the build it's going to be rowdy!
I'm working on a 2013 Shelby gt500
Built motor/sleeved, full drag suspensio, cam, FBO with a big 3.4L whipple blower making 1050whp
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Welcome to TTG buddy! Hope you enjoy your stay and good luck with the project
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My 05 F-350 is almost done, that thread can be found HERE. I also just did the hybrid battery on my Prius but not mods will be done to that car lol.
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