GeneralWhat are you doing during the quarantine?Posted:

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Ive been playing games, painting the house, working on my subie, etc

What about you guys? Im curious to know what you do during this boring time lmao

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    Hanging out with roomates

Nothing else really
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Working all the time still, spending time with my misses and playing games!
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Working, school, Runescape, Call of Duty. Boring shit lol.
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Chillin playing xbox. Working every 3 weeks. Both me and the wife are getting paid 40 hours a week by doin nothing lol. Taking car of our 8 month old as well, shes a handfull haha.
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Playing games and working!
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Me and my girlfriend recently rented a canoe over the weekend and did a 4 hour float on the river it was fun to get out the house after just going to work for the past couple of months
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Thank god I'm Starting work again next week after 9 weeks....
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